About Global Creek


 a model for environmental sustainability and social responsibility

We began in 2008 as an environmental-education and life-learning institute - a space to be used for
learning and research, and a working example of the ease and benefits of leading a sustainable life.
Today, we are a working ecological cacao farm redefining the cacao industry in Costa Rica,
creating new models of sustainability to the country and taking fair-trade to a whole new level globally.

Who We Are

It's not what we do, it's how we do it.

Global Creek is an environmental education and sustainable-living centre based out of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Our mission is to connect local and international communities to further ecological research and information sharing and to ultimately further – make simpler and more accessible – holistic sustainable living approaches for both our local communities and international visitors (in their own lives and their communities as well).

Volunteer Work-Exchange

Our main international reach towards our goals comes through our highly-reviewed Volunteer Program, in which we provide an experiential-learning centre for a completely-integrated volunteer work-living experience on our bio-dynamic cacao research farm

Top-Notch Volunteer Program

We've been working integrally with volunteers since the beginning of 2008, and our program has grown dynamically since then - always to great reviews and historic recognition as one of the top learning programs in the country.

Knowledge and Experience

We have experience with volunteers, volunteer management, project management and a deep knowledge of the projects we are engaged in,
from an academic background to on-the-ground experience.

Skills to take with you

We help to cultivate life-long skills that you can take with you to apply wherever you go in the world, teaching permaculture and bio-dynamic principles as well as sustainable living lessons to make your own.





Learning Farm

4ha / 10acres

Ongoing Projects


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