Our Area


Located in the heart  of Caribbean Costa Rica

Enjoy the beauty of the tropical coast as part of your volunteer work-exchange experience.

Nature, Wildlife, Relaxation...

... All to be found not only on our very own farm, but truly all around us. We are located in one of the most vibrant, diverse areas of the world, a fact that only becomes more obvious with your time here. Daily visits from howler monkeys, white-faced capuchins and sloths are a regularity here on the farm, but step off of the property to travel in any direction and you will find even more varieties of wildlife, nature and relaxation areas to explore.

Adventures await...

Being located right in the heart of the Caribbean means not only loads of tropical flora and fauna all around, but also a unique Caribbean culture, local towns and tourist attractions (including surfing, kayaking, bicycling, bars and restaurants), and super-nearby Indigenous reservations, complete with even more new (or rather very old!) cultures and natural wonders to explore. All located a very short bus ride away.
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